Thursday, April 2, 2020

Quarantine Food Diaries, Day 15, Herbed Beluga Lentils and Seed Sounds

I have never met a lentil I didn't like, but Beluga lentils are a rare and beautiful thing, they keep there shape and have the most satisfying "pop" in your mouth like the famous caviar they are named after. Please don't waste these on soups, the more familiar Castelluccio lentils are the soup lentil as they break at perfect cooking time and have a potato like texture making them the right bean for the job.
Beluga lentils are the luxury lentil and need to be treated as such. They are boiled for just 30 min, an addition of an onion in the cooking water or broth is essential for even cooking and then can be dressed in a myriad of ways to highlight their refined bean stature.
This brings me to my generous peppering of philosophy talks during these days. Today we are talking about seed sounds used to literally vibrate your chakras back to harmony.  So lets back up for just a second, we agree that atoms organize into matter, how dense this matter is depends specifically on how fast they move, solid, liquid or gas. We know that all things are made up of atoms and each specific thing has a specific rate of movement of those atoms, or frequency, to remain in the state they are. For example if you speed up water atoms enough they turn to a gas...think water boiling.
Great so now take this and we can apply it further to sound, each tone has a specific hertz or sound frequency when we use our vocal chords to produce specific sounds these sounds vibrate specifically in the same frequency that align to our individual chakras. Not mysticism, science.  SO...we are all isolated, it's the perfect time to try out your shower singing on your chakras,  rebalancing your sense of security, Root Chakra, your creativity and libido, Sacral Chakra, your self confidence Solar Plexus Chakra, your compassion, Heart Chakra, find your voice, Throat Chakra, and trust in your own intuition, Third Eye Chakra.
And how exactly, you might ask? Repeat the seed sound at least ten times each, moving from root chakra to crown chakra, make your voice natural but feel your own vocal chords as you repeat each sound, they are subtle changes, we are working with subtle energy bodies.

Have fun, don't take yourself so seriously, and Bija (seed sound) away!
Meanwhile I'll be making my Beluga lentils for you.

Herbed Beluga Lentils 

1 1/2 Cups Beluga lentils
4 cups broth or water
1/2 white onion
olive oil
fresh herbs, dill, parsley, mint
red cabbage
lemon zest
sal and pepper
(indulgent- drizzle black truffle oil) 

Saute' minced onion in 2 tbsp olive oil until translucent, add lentils and thoroughly coat with oil before adding 4 cups of broth or water ( I used chicken broth) 
bring to a boil and cover, slow boil for 30 min. Every once and a while check, the lentil should "pop"in your mouth with a soft center, not crunch.
Once lentils are cook drain them of excess water or broth and dress. Add olive oil, salt and pepper, chopped fresh herbs, as many as you'd like, I like a lot. arrange on a plate and top with julienned red cabbage, grated lemon zest and voila! If you happen to have truffle oil , drizzle it on top and skip the lemon zest.

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