Saturday, August 23, 2014

The viking like muse for Fall,  Melanie Blakenship photographed by Denise Guerin
Gustav Klimt - Water Serpents

With The Great Gatsby seen and Gustav Klimt, Mark Rothko and Egon Shiele  as a few of my revered artists the Fall 2014 collection was born. Immersed in the music of Nina Simone, Billy Holiday, Les Nubians and Les Negresses Vertes the studio teemed with a flurry of activity, electroplating only half way up the various antiques giving them a dip dyed look, to researching native American ladder beading techniques and perfecting them before incorporating into the line. It was a collection of indulgence, non restraint...the antiques flowed, polishing and soldering adding to and taking away to create new pieces to incorporate with the old. The entire collection speaks of opulence and decadence. Rich hues, garnet and champagne hued citrine sit nestled in gold and silver chains and sparkling pyrite.

Gustav Klimt- Judith

Fall 2014 Shoot culmination

Nina Crooned her way into the work, "Birds flyin high, you now how I feel..."  And the likes of the new Gatsby soundtrack echoed the work that was being done to the artifacts that lay before me. It's such an enthralling part of the process to immerse each sense into what I am creating.
Charmed collection- Gold Opaline glass early 1900's sold. Rouge, Taipei City, Taiwan

Elks Club- Dipped Collection: original elks club member cigarette paper case with password carved inside, sterling silver dipped in 18k gold. Ruby eye, enameled symbol 1900's America. Sold, Ear Papilonner, Japan.
Fob bracelets and fairydust bands

Gotye, Jay Z, Beyonce and Florence sing the new version of Gatsby, and I chuckle hearing how this has been reinterpreted for our generation's popular consumption. Film is such a fantastic art form. 
The shoot reminds me of iconic religious saints, Klimt and Shakira's album cover all in one...the more you know, the more you see, the more you see the more you can interpret. Context and concept.

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