Friday, March 21, 2014

Musings from our second trip to Paris

 Eiffel Tower as seen from the Mona Bismarck

The walk to work

Paris will always be a magical city for me, more so now working there twice a year. This trip accompanied by my oldest friend and a trusted assistant we wandered through streets in awe of the details, inspired, eyes widened to each wrought iron window and gargoyled embellished door, each hidden garden and turreted rooftop. The days were long and filled with wonder and purpose and dreams of the present.
We walked a market, purchased artichokes and garlic, rosemary and saucisson, totano and orata, it would be this time my turn to cook for all. The simple handwritten chalk signs had a charm unique to all European markets, bringing the excitement of a child at the thought of what to cook and how to prepare it. At home I spend my days in one apron or another from studio to kitchen the creation of both art and food melts into one. Here amidst the seasonal produce I decide a salt roasted orate, braised totano, artichokes alla giudea, a lemon mint oregano emulsion to dress the fish, and thinly sliced oven roasted brussel sprouts with lemon zest and peperoncino a honey lemon zest goat cheese dollop to melt atop. Bon!
 Both intimate and surreal the other side of this trip... we danced till dawn and drank champagne with the rest of  the designers shaping their collective dreams into reality. We inhaled hope and exhaled joy, we met and mingled for ten days. It is an elegant and beautifully planned city emanating as a star from the Arc de Triomph.
The patter of rain as it fell washing clean the streets and the pink light that shone each morning at dawn, these moments, the awareness of each informed only by our age and lives of the last decade.
There are some places and things one must experience while in I'll share my secret list

To meander:
La Marais- Rue de Turenne, Rue de Sevigne, Rue de Beaumarchais
2nd Arrondissment  Rue de Grand Cerf

To eat:
La Mangerie - ask for Serge, he'll immediately make you feel at home and his tapas will make you leave wanting more...if not for  the waiters and there cheeky behavior!
Chez Janou- country french cooking, this place is bustling, boasts dozens of Pastis to try and waiters displaying authentically impervious Parisian attitude. The cuisine rustic and well prepared.

Hildi Santo Thomas of Trading Spaces visits our booth and brings treats!

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