Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring and Talismans

It begins each year at this time.. the thaw of the forest floor, the concrete in the city, our shoulders melt down from up around our ears and the warmth of the sun inviting as it is, reveals a new spring.
We have been working in our studio, The Artemisian has moved and our space is luminous and cozy, a combination of old and new true to who we are. The collection has grown now to include not only original antique pieces but  altered antiques and small scale sculptures all made in our studio nestled behind our restaurant.
It has been an enlightening year for us as the locations we can be found in expand the entirety of the globe, each day we wake with gratitude.
Our mission to utilize existing pieces remains strong and the addition of small scale sculptures has brought our designer's fine art background into the forefront. This year has seen us showing in New York, Paris and Tokyo as well as our designer's dive back into showing installation and performance pieces together with Inliquid an artist collaborative out of Philadelphia.
This spring collection was inspired by the use of talismans across various cultures. The talisman is an inanimate object given energy, our energy to manifest a desired outcome or object into being. The idea of this, an object being given our energy is such a beautiful thought, that one's focus and intention can be given physical form. Our designer's long time yogic path has also influenced the shoot for this collection integrating the use of yoga and talisman together.
Each piece of the collection has been contemplated and engraved with a singular word to hold as a positive intention, words such as: 

Soar- Sterling silver antique airforce wings, sterling bezel set green amethyst, antique gold filled locket engraved "soar" Sterling silver new locket also available.

Wonder Woman- hand forged brass cuffs one size squeeze to fit

Capsule- a hand forged match case with strike anywhere matches inside and a strike plate, engraved breath, ecstasy or stillness inside, sterling silver outside, rose gold interior. Special Order only.

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