Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Quarantine Food Diaries, Grilled, Truffled Portobello Steaks, Adaptogens

I’ve never met a mushroom Quarantine Food Diaries, Grilled, Truffled Portobello Steaks, Adaptogens
I've never met a mushroom I haven’t loved, truth be told. Mushroom’s have incredible healing power and not just the psychedelic ones can take you on a journey of discovery 🍄!  I was diagnosed 13 years ago with an auto immune disease which left me taking copiously high doses of maitake shrooms, known to cure cancer. I have been super aware of what goes in this body ever since that time. Mushrooms are some of the most potent adaptogens around, balancing immune responses, adrenal function and energy potential in the body. So pardon my excess of mushroom based recipes, but now you know why. 

Grilled, Truffled Portobello Steaks 

4 portobello caps ( brushed never washed) 
3 tbsp balsamic vinegar 
1/4 extra virgin olive oil 
1 tsp truffle oil
Pinch or so fresh thyme about 3 branches 
Himalayan pink salt and  fresh ground pepper 
1/2 cup pine nuts 
1 tbsp salted butter 
Chèvre to garnish 
Honey 🍯 
In a shallow baking dish combine olive oil, balsamic vinegar, thyme leaves, salt and pepper and place the mushroom caps to marinate, about 20 minutes. ••••••••••
Meanwhile sauté pine nuts in butter until butter and pine nuts are delicately browned and impart their nutty aroma, don’t burn!!
Take roughly half of a small log of chèvre and amalgamate honey to taste, I prefer it just a tad sweet not cloyingly so. Up to you. 
Grill mushroom caps, nicely softening and creating a few beautifully placed grill marks. About 10 minutes. They must soften. 
Compose your plate, mushroom steak, a dollop of honey chèvre, a sprinkle of buttered toasted pine nuts, a sprinkle of rucola, for peppery crunch and a drizzle of truffle oil !  Buon appetito ! 

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