Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas has come and gone...time to cleanse

It's been a fantastic season of mirth, white flour, amazing cheeses and refined sugars. Oh, I meant, pastas, double creme, cookies galore. But now the body needs a cleanse. It's a shame so many traditionally loved foods are so bad for so many of us. I have a new favorite. She a chef out of Copenhagen thrilled about raw and gluten free.  Sarah B of my my new roots , originally from Toronto, Canada, my neck of the woods, she's a woman after my own must be healthy, taste spectacular have different textures and finally but not by least importance present well. I love her photography.

It's my whole hearted recommendation to check her blog out and make a few things. While the weather outside crisps branches and chaps our lips my fire is blazing inside, candles aglow softly scented pine and my inner muse is cooking up the next collections for fall of 2014. 
In just two short months our Spring collection will be in stores, some already have been selling in our new Asian accounts. Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan, check out our website for links. Meanwhile Paris and Germany are also selling our new spring!! Our Philadelphia retailers are holding out, you'll have to wait.
Just a peek....

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