Monday, February 4, 2013

New Collections

voyager and rabbithearted girl collections

voyager and rabbithearted girl collections 
time is now...voyager collection
lionhearted girl and bracciali collections
lionhearted girl

VOYAGER COLLECTION- All one of a kind, inspired by the ephemera of great sea voyages of the 1900's Victorian women's pressed powder compacts, men's wire rimmed spectacles turned into monocles, small mother of pearl switchblades carried delicately by men and women alike, watches that once kept time now keep German glass mirror shards. The series of fairy dust bands as I call them are re purposed Victorian watches where each of the movements have been manipulated to be visible through the glass crystal and then the entire chamber filled with German glass mirror shards. This simple piece for me represents a stilling of time. Each in this series of pieces are drawn from my wanderlust past of traveling Europe and my love of stories. Each piece imbued with a past, a unique journey from beginning to present, now re purposed, renewed, dusted off from idling in an Antique store case and given the opportunity to carry a new story.

LIONHEARTED GIRL- Inspired by the raw beauty of 70's and 80's disco scene using vintage Whiting and Davis chain maille and altering both form and color this collection is bold and geometric. In each of us lies both the lion heart and the rabbit heart, these names inspired by a Florence and the Machine song began my musings about that which lies within each of us.The lion heart, the brazen, independent, fierce and self confident. 
RABBITHEARTED GIRL- each of these small pieces are treasures found long ago, a small antique store, an unused portion of an antique to beautiful to melt down, the top to Victorian pencils, set with stones. This collection began with these transformed into miniature seals to be worn. As the collection took shape so to the discovery of other miniature pendants and so to it's rightful name. In each of us exists a rabbit heart, tender, sensitive, nurturing.

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