Monday, July 27, 2020

Quarantine Food Diaries, Boddhicitta, where we are and what to do now

It's been 134 days of quarantine, we might be feeling at the very least uncertain about the future.
The use of our food as a primary approach to our physical and emotional wellness is paramount, physical exercise and raising endorphins a close second.
This blog started as a way to count down the days and re direct my energy towards a different kind of structure than I was used to. I had been preparing for fashion week in Paris as I did each season. The collection of repurposed Victorian watches and 18k gold Georgian rings took on the theme of "I AM" an open ended statement meant to spur reflection. Who are you? Are you your name, your job, your status, your ethnicity? Your marriage? I never knew it would be so relevant, and yet I  have nowhere to show it. The collection sits in the instagram ethers, found by few, missed by most.
So while now 134 days later my studio desk has taken on another aspect, that of nutritional healing, sciences of Ayurveda, Alkaline cooking, adaptogen use, my beautiful "I AM" collection has been neatly tucked away in ivory and yellow boxes with a raised golden A for the Artemisian. And I think, it's all the same, it's all the same. The healing arts I have worked within were never there to depend on as consistent income, these gifts of giving wellness back out were never a hustle for me, that was the job of my jewelry brand. Now my healing gifts have come front and center and are being called upon more and more, without pushing or pulling, with ease and I think of how grateful I am that I can offer this to the world.
We all have this capacity within us, to heal the self and to hold space for another, it's all about awareness,  waking up to the you that is the universe, the you that is sacred, the you in everyone else. Through this awakening to the self and the ultimate oneness in all of us is born a great compassion that in Buddhism is called awakened heart or Bodhicitta. The person called to bring this awareness to others is a Boddhisatva.
So though my mediums have changed, one thing has not and that is the call to wake myself from the slumber that threatens to invade every day to keep witnessing, keep asking questions. In doing this practice I am called to give back what I am learning, to offer it out as a lifeline, as pure love.
So here I am, writing bits of philosophy for continued awareness, less suffering and in the process you may find a recipe that delights your palette.
Keep asking questions, keep listening and keep yourself open and receptive.

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