Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Anatomy of human interaction

Justin Marx and Marisa Incelli

Why do we behave the way that we do in interaction with others, with ourselves? If a movement could represent a way in which we interact with others, what would it look like? If it could show the many veils we wear, the many filters we use to mask our authentic selves what would these movements look like? And if we could remove these filters, these veils of fear, attachment, avoidance, ego and ignorance could the other feel our authentic self more immediately?  Would we see ourselves more clearly as well? Someone once said to me, "if you like your life, don't do yoga" I thought it was such a strange and offensive statement until I began studying Svādhyāya,  the Sanskrit word for self study. This awakening of the self led to voracious consumption of all I could read on yogic philosophy and further into Buddhist tenets. The practice of yoga is not only the postures the physical body takes on but the stilling of the mind that happens through the physical action of the body.
 And this is yet only one aspect of the full practice of yoga. 
This performance uses this facet of yoga and flow to explore these filters of attachment, avoidance, ego, ignorance and fear in human interaction. Each piece is spontaneous not choreographed but rather the energy of the room felt and translated into movement, the energy of ourselves in that given moment. Done in tandem through movement,  shamanic drumming and playing of the heart chakra crystal bowl. What is the conversation? How authentic is the connection, when is it shrouded and what is it shrouded by? Can you connect to the energy of the space? Drop into your breath and be a witness without judgement? How does it feel? 
This work asks questions to the viewer if the viewer is receptive to receive.

Join us for a a journey into the Anatomy of human interaction
This First Friday @
Friday January 4th 
6:30- 8:30

We are super excited to be there with Elements of Aura
as well!!

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