Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Shiva blue beauty smoothie

Blue is the  color of beauty...

Blue green algae, the highest quality comes from a naturally occurring eco system in the North Western Oregon, Klamath Lake. 
This electric blue naturally occurring algae is at the top of its list in health benefits, also known as Spirulina, this blue form is higher in omega 3’s which support memory and overall brain function. E3 Live is the most controlled and highest quality cultivator of this blue green algae. Algae when harvested naturally can be high in metals that over prolonged use can be harmful rather than helpful, so do your homework before purchasing from just any source. 
Dating back to the Aztecs, blue green algae has been around and it’s health benefits studied for centuries, the phycocyanins making this impossible blue color have shown to stimulate the production of our own stem cells, making this a highly regenerative supplement. Available b vitamins help reduce stress or provide stamina making this blue beauty also an adaptogen. Algae has also been known to help chelate or remove heavy metals from our bodies.  Lead in our water, cadmium in pesticides, fire retardents on our furniture, aluminum in our deodorants and even our organic veggies have natural occurring heavy metals such a thallium in our kale. 
Rhodiola Rosea
A plant found growing  in the high altitudes of eastern Europe and Asia it is also in this class of healers called adaptogens. Ultimately each of these herbal remedies work to combat stress in the body by lowering cortisol levels. So why  take different ones? Well each adaptogen apart from broadly reducing stress also then specifically addresses certain functions. Rhodiola’s special power is energizing as an adaptogen where Ashwaganda for example is more anxiety reducing and calming. Both stimulate sex drive and reduce inflammation. 
With all this in mind... I leave you with the recipe for the Shiva blue beauty!! 
Happy blending
Shiva Blue Beauty

1tsp blue green algae1 tsp rhodiola rosea1/2-1 banana1/2 bartlett pear1 cup coconut milk1/2 cup pineapple juice


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