Monday, May 9, 2016

Wellness through movement

Buddhist temple and monastic zen garden, Tokyo, Japan
Happiness depends on many things at times and at others few. Being kind to your self, practicing Ahimsa or the yogic philosophy of non violence to the self. It's a profound act when looked at carefully, it does not simply mean to park your ego at the door of a yoga class and allow yourself to be happy with what your body can do this day on the mat. It refers also to an awareness of the verbal and emotional damage we do to ourselves each day in the form of guilt, shame, anxiety and self criticism.
Giving yourself the permission to be good to yourself, put love in all that you do and be at peace with all of who you are and embrace loving thoughts about yourself this is really the depth and breath of what Ahimsa means. Practice this, acknowledge negative thoughts you have about yourself and then push them away and tell yourself you are radiant, strong, loving and enough. And then move, make room internally to clear out, breathe and flow.

Dance like no one is watching, 
Love like you've never been hurt,
Sing like no one is listening.

We know it well but do we do it, really indulge the senses? Do it! Just get up and do it! You have no idea how brilliant it makes one glow from the inside out.

This week on the menu in our alkaline kitchen to give you all the energy needed to maintain your practice, your intention..

Arctic Char, bagna cauda radicchio quinoa salad
serves 4

4 pieces or one long loin wild caught Arctic Char 
Lemon zest, pepper, salt, turmeric, parsley, garlic,
1 Avocado
15-20 Snow pea pods
1 head radicchio
2 anchovies
3 cloves garlic
Olive oil
1 cup quinoa
wasabi paste
mayonaise or veganaise

Dry rub the Arctic Char with the herbs salt and pepper that have been minced, set aside for an hour.
Cook the quinoa accordingly using vegetable broth and set aside.
Bagna cauda preparation:
Slice the three garlic cloves and open the anchovies. Some recipes say to wash the anchovies in red wine, so if you choose simply lay the 2 anchovies in a small dish cover with red wine and let sit for 10 min or so.
After saute' garlic and drained anchovies in olive oil until the garlic softens and anchovies disintegrate creating a homogenous mix of the two. Some will actually puree' this mix, it's not a bad idea if you're concerned about texture.

Julienne your radicchio and saute' in olive oil until just wilted.
At this point you can toss your quinoa and radicchio together in a a separate bowl and add the bagna cauda, remember it is both salty and garlicky so you be the judge of how much or how little to add for your taste.

Broil the Arctic Char, line a baking tray with parchment, add a touch of water, or white wine so as not to dry out this delicate fish. Broil on the second rack until just a bit of white starts to form at the edges, this is the fish letting you know it's just about done, let sit on the tray out of the oven to rest while composing your plate. It is a thinner fish than Salmon cooking times will vary but roughly 10-15 minutes.

Blanch your snow pea pods, quickly in and out of about 2 inches of salted boiling water.

Mix 1 tsp wasabi with 1 tblsp mayonaise.

Now compose... one layer of snow pea pods, perch atop these your radicchio, quinoa warm salad, then your fish and two slices of avocado and dress with just a bit of your wasabi/mayonaise.

buon appetito!

Music to move to in my kitchen....

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