Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pierced with enthusiasm

It's been a long and balmy summer, we've slowed our pace at the Artemisian and reflected upon our next collections. It's been a long ride using just antique pieces and we are excited to say we have been collaborating and learning new techniques to now incorporate our own cast pieces into the mix.
As a teaser we're giving you a little look at one of our pieces from one of our new collections. The new collections are as we are bordering between social commentary and fairytale.

"Freccia" the new collection incorporates cast gold or silver arrows into our chains in addition to antique charms. All of the new collections are available in sterling silver, gold fill or 14k gold.
We are bringing rings and altered victorian lockets into the next collections as well as an odd jointed doll. So check back with us periodically. Might be the heat getting to our heads but we are thrilled about this new evolution of merging old and new!

Freccia Apostille

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