Sunday, March 25, 2012

Artemisia, New York and Bendel's Open See

And so it taxi in New York.

Bendel's 8 am the line up to be seen
The Mongolian travelers case
An overnight trip to NYC with mom for Bendel's bi annual Open See proved every bit as exciting and fortuitous as I could hope for. Friday morning 7am we descended from our retro cool new boutique hotel room and encountered multiple images of Portlandia episodes along the way to gear up for our long wait in the line of possible dreams come true, we drank  beautifully made Cappuccinos from the ultra artisanal Stumptown coffee shop attached to the hotel and were off with my Shavasana dreamed up mongolianesque case attracting much attention along the way. By 8 am we were lined up and feeling the rush of excitement by 10 New York Live news was interviewing me, Bill Cunningham legendary New york Times style photographer had snapped a photo of me, who knows if it will be in the paper Sunday, and then the line began to shift. This was it...and I was already in a cloud.
So after much line moving Mongolian travelers case lugging and a bit of primping Artemisia was finally called to show the buyers...
In what felt like seconds I showed my work, was offered a trunk show, packed up again and on my way out. I paused wondering if what had happened was a good outcome, and so thank God my mother was there, she encouraged me to ask the women who had ushered us to the designers. After asking their reactions confirmed it; it was great. Hands up in the air, hugs and a flurry of excitement for me. So back home I still need details have nothing concrete yet but it's coming!!!

Lilliana Vasquez interviewing me
close up on the jewelry
Bill Cunningham while he was shooting designers in the line up

 Thanks Mom

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