Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Wonderland Collection

It's the middle of winter, the flurry of the holidays has subsided and I sit reflecting upon the idea that hibernating is a necessary part of the year for not only bears and groundhogs but for  humans as well. There is something so restorative about curling up in a blanket in front of a roaring fire and doing nothing but that. As I sit listening to my latest new passion, audiobooks and emerge myself into an alternate surreality my muse springs forward like fireworks on the fourth of july filling my head with overlapping images and colors bursting to be realized and so; well rested and restored the new collection emerges.
Wonderland Collection:
This collection was inspired by the Alice in Wonderland children’s  fairytale, filled with surreal images of late rabbits, mad tea parties, potions that make you shrink and a heroine both naive and cunning. Each charm used in these magical pieces are references to another world magical, ethereal and full of wonderment. The pieces are playful and derivative.

Perfumed Violets
Ss perfume bottle hand etched, Rome, Italy circa 1900, Sardinian amethyst fertility bell, rose quartz, amethyst, freshwater pearl, ss toggle closure American 1980, ss chains, circa 1900-1940 handmade

Make me little

Mad Hatter


Capture me

Looking Glass

Faith in Me

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  1. Beautiful items. I saw the mustard seed necklace on Anthropologie but sadly it was sold before I saw it. Do you ever repeat yourself (sort of) and where could I purchase your lovelies?