Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The Italy of my childhood, back in Ceccano once again three children aboard and a new experience of this land called Cioceria. It’s been five years since I last came and all the familiar faces of my childhood rush in like the wind that rushes through this valley where Ceccano lives. Faces I have seen over the years that have each a small place for me in their hearts remembering when I was to small to walk. Now it is I who have brought the pitter patter of little feet back into this house the scurry and frenzy of childhood, the laughter and the toys, the toys scattered about. 
As I sit on the balcony of this first floor apartment the view is breathtaking, it cannot be compared to anything in America, mountains surround and on the precipice of each lays   thousand year old villages most grown around castles each with it’s own spectacular history and present.

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