Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring at last...maybe

The  buds are beginning their push through the thawing earth reaching for the warmth of the sun,  we shed our winter blues, breathe in deeply the first rush of warm spring air and find ourselves too beginning  to thaw from the inside out...The practice of Santosha or contentment is becoming hard in these last few weeks of winter.
I've just finished another collection of 40 some pieces and it is already gone...flown to Nashville where a new Anthropologie is opening and Chevy Chase Maryland where there is an Anthroplogie accessories only store.  It was all so fast...

The new collections are inspired by a series of handmade very fine retractable pencils in sterling and gold fill from the 1900's and a love for enamel and color in the summer. I have been working on bringing a way for buyers to buy along a genre or motif so each piece is still one of a kind but once one has been sold another in a similar vein is available, we'll see how it goes.

Here are a few images pulled for a taste of the new collections to come for summer...ahhh Santosha

Now, maybe some grilled octopus, preserved lemons, sauteed sunchokes with capers, white wine and lemon rind...mmmm

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