Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Woman's Treasures

Cover of the Courier Post  photo credit Denise Guerin

This Holiday Season has come and gone without one single blog entry but not for lack of notable events,  more for the overwhelm that the Holidays bring to all of us. Here it is probably the most loaded blog entry yet. This past month Artemisia as a company has begun to take its' place on the fashion industry map with a new relationship with Urban Outfitters company Anthropologie. It's possibly the beginning of a beautiful relationship working with corporate America as an artist. The buyers at Anthropologie have some wiggle room it seems in being able to buy from independent artists and showcase their individual works in their best stores. And there is where I fit in, it's a fabulous concept complimenting their already beautifully worked aesthetic available for many with an item available for only a few. The Artemisia collection debuted at the Rockefeller Center Anthropologie in Manhattan this past December 1, 20 pieces of jewelry and 45 feather hair clips. Below are a few images of what is available.
all individually available at Anthropologie Rockefeller Center NY, NY
To follow with this new relationship came the press about it. First an article by Patch an online zine and then a cover story spanning five pages of the Courier Post Sunday magazine! It's been quite a ride, each day brings new contacts and more work, more of an opportunity to share what I do with a broader audience. Read all about it and enjoy, the Artemisia shop is bigger now so check it out, just a hint the pieces are listed here first as I make them! I leave you all with wishes for a beautifully balanced New year. Let's all go to a yoga studio and practice to achieve kaivalya, or detachment as I do so as to keep all good things in perspective.

Photo Denise Guerin

 photo Denise Guerin

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