Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It's fall and the boars are snuffing out the most precious food that exists, at $2,000.00 per pound the white truffle is the queen bee of delicacies, it's  brother the black truffle is  about $400.00 per pound. Some might say that it is a ridiculous price to pay, others like myself and my husband do spend on food and travel like few others. So on this crisp autumn day on the phone came a call, "I have something for you, you're going to love it!" The familiar voice of my beautiful husband who brought me one of each to play with.
The truffles' pungent woody aroma is it's trademark together with its'  deep mushroom flavor and earthy meatiness there is little that needs to be done to enjoy it. I would fry a quail egg and put a sliver on top a small drizzle of supremely first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Or maybe tonight a handmade linguini with the same olive oil, shaved Grana Padana crushed pink peppercorns and grated white truffle throughout.  The jewelry tools and sewing needles down...Apron on. A dopo!

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