Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Tunic, skirt, neckwarmer all Artemisia price upon request, available online at Artemisia.

Like a mantra, I repeat are we consumed by the new, the latest, the most fashionable? What about our own sense of individuality, a departure from what we are told to like by the media and a decision to embrace an inner fashion guru?

Millefiore, sterling silver covered with 24k gold vermeil, green amethyst, 10k gold child's ring, faceted bell quartz. Available at Primadonna

Equally, is it not unique and beautiful to possess what is limited in number and handmade using materials that are post consumer and jewelry with provenance, and history?
And is it not refreshing to embrace age and figure change by illuminating it's beauty?

crocheted neck warmer, ruffled neck warmer. Available at Primadonna and Arcadia.

fermaglio hair clip

Photos: Denise Guerin, hair Sandy Vasallo, make up Ally

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