Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wrap it up, tie it down

It's Fall time to wrap up, so I've created a collection of very deconstructed knit wraps, all small runs no two alike. I'll be posting pictures as soon as they're ready. Adding to that is a small of obi/belts, because they can be worn high or low depending on your outfit. These pieces for me really work to give shape to all of these peasant blouses and knit a line tops that are abounding this season and last. Each of the belts are done in ivory cashmere with muted aubergine, grey, or blue ribbons and complimenting fabric flowers made of anything from irridescent taffeta to wind breaker sports fabrics. See the close-up above.
As of recent the children's collection did really well over the summer with an article appearing in Daily Candy Kids but I'll be focusing on the women's collection for now. Pipsqueak has many of my things and many more to come. Primadonna has changed adresses to a much bigger space and will also have more to come. Keep an eye for the dates of Artemisia's next Trunk show, should be in November.
This seasons' jewelry collection will also be arriving in stores soon. I'll be posting dates.

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